The Orishas are deities of the Yoruba religion who are believed to have acted as intermediaries between the gods and men. The Yoruba religion has its origins in West Africa. Most of their believers were used as slaves in the Americas and were forbidden to have their own faith, which is why Africans disguised their gods as saints of the Christian religion.  But when freedom came, these ancient forces that had never died flourished vigorously, not only in communities of African descent, but everywhere in the world.

Oshun is the deity of fresh waters, rivers, springs  and streams. It represents love, emotions and feelings, and is also a symbol of femininity and fertility. Protector of women and the mother's womb, Oshun also possesses gold, honey and sweetness. She is a strong Orisha, very strict, inflexible and intolerant of injustices, especially when a woman is a victim of violence. She can be seen as a somewhat weak divinity, not just because of her status as a woman, but because of her beauty, joy, and connection with material wealth, jewelry and money. She is actually one of the most influential goddesses.

Awakening Oshun means activating the power of charm, of attraction. It means unleashing the forces of unsalted waters, to help us develop that seductive and charismatic side, which is an essential component in the life of a passionate person.

Obviously, many will say that these are the characteristics of the "perdition" of the "frivolity" of "superficiality". Many people attribute to these characteristics a negative value, linked to "sin".

Let these people live their dogma!

You free yourself instead!  And enjoy life.

To enjoy life, you need to please three  entities

1 The body

2 The mind

3 The spirit

The body enjoys with a good meal, with a nice massage, with caresses. The body enjoys when swimming naked in the sea, when running, when dancing, when having sex, etc.

The mind enjoys when it understands, when it learns, when it remembers, when it solves problems, when it studies, when it invents.

The spirit enjoys when it meditates and when it prays.

Meditation is: listening to the divine in silence. To pray is: to speak with the divine.

Remember, it is not necessary to belong to a specific religion to do these two things.

Oshun will help you make your body happy.